About Us

The Body by George Fitness Studio is the definitive stop for affordable personal training. Located in a quiet shopping center, the gym features a low-key, family environment which makes members quickly feel right at home. George and his staff are results-oriented and therefore charge on a visit by visit basis. Yes, that’s right…

Our Team

Why Choose Us?

No Contracts!

That means you pay as you go, when YOU want to work out! If you aren’t satisfied with your progress, you don’t pay a penny more! Not only is the Body by George Fitness Studio affordable, it’s personalized as well. When you start your fitness experience at Body by George, you’ll undergo a complete evaluation by George or one of his personally trained staff members. This evaluation lets George create a custom workout just for you!

No More Guesswork!

On your next visit, you’ll have a workout itenerary with your name on it detailing each exercise with complete sets, reps, and weight. You won’t be going it alone though. George and his friendly staff will walk you through the entire routine, step-by-step, so you know you’re exercising for fast results AND safety! Working out can get boring so when you come in for your next visit, you’ll have an all new, completely different workout regiment ready and waiting. George utilizes thousands of exercises and variations, some of which he created himself for his clients’ personal needs. Just to make sure you’re getting the most out of your time, George and his staff will help educate you on proper nutrition.

No Complicated Diets

Most people know that nutrition is critical for a successful exercise program. Still, who has time to memorize complicated food charts for proper dieting? George takes out all the guesswork by providing each individual with a generalized outline of what to look out for in your specific eating habits. However, that’s not to say George won’t go into detail if you need more information; he’ll gladly discuss the specifics to make sure you get the results you need. As an added service, you can submit a food diary each week for George to grade so you know how well you’re doing.


At Body by George, you’re part of the family. There’s no pressure to be the best looking or the greatest performer. Everyone has different wants and needs out of their personal training experience, and George caters to all of them. Each evaluation ends with a 90-day goal, and everyone who sticks with the program reaches that goal in 90 days. Instead of fancy fitness outfits, most members wear the Body by George shirt they received for reaching their three-month goal. It’s a symbol of pride and accomplishment that everyone can be a part of.

Our Approach

A low pressure, personal approach to health and not just weight loss

If we sat down and considered the number of people that have been given terrible advice for the sole purpose of ‘losing weight’ instead of focusing on good health (with weight loss being a pleasant byproduct), we’d probably get a bit depressed about it. Fitness is as much about mental health as it is physical health and our approach has been shown to help with thousands of people over the years, dozens of football teams, athletes of all types and ages.