Q?How can you offer such low rates without a sign up or penalty fee?

How often have you seen mega-corporate gyms offer super low rates at the first of the year to lure you in, only to see them hit you with a sign up fee, an equipment surcharge and a clause that makes you pay the remainder of the term if you want to cancel?  We want you to be successful, not lock you into an impossible to get out of contract or force you to seek financing just to pay your gym bill.  We have a great thing going and a great group of people to attribute it to – we are confident that you’ll be back when the time is right for you.

Q?What makes BBG so special?

You could cite all kinds of different reasons why a gym or fitness studio is better than this one or that one, but the real reason usually comes down to simply ‘George’.  George has dedicated his life to helping everyone from college linemen to 80+ year old grandparents realize their dreams of health and fitness.  He creates an environment where you feel welcome, aren’t surrounded by peacocks posturing in the mirrors between sets (and of course, nobody curls in the squat rack!), you can work out with other people or by yourself and he’s always there with a helpful spot, a tweak in your form, or a great joke.  There is a reason why there are members who have been working out at BBG for 20+ years.