“Exercise for your health”.  It is a motto that everyone should have.  I started training with George Herring some 30 years ago.  I was just there for my youngest son.  George just kept saying, do something, don’t just stand there.  So, I started slowly and just worked out.  It wasn’t long before I was doing the full power lifting meets with George.  I progressed to heavier and heavier weights.  All the time, I was working programs that George had perfected for people of all conditions and ages.  During those years, I set local, state and national records for the organizations I lifted for.  I worked out regularly with George and as I was moving into my late sixties and early seventies, health became very important.  I am a 4 time World Champion Dead Lifter while in my sixties and seventies.  At 75, I had some heart problems and had to have a heart bypass and several stints.  It is now more than two years later and I still workout regularly.  No, I don’t pull those great big weights anymore.  However, my surgeon and cardiologist both said the condition of my heart was exceptional except for the blockages.  I am approaching 78 and feel great.  I want to thank George for staying with me and encouraging me to continue to exercise on a regular basis.


Harry Lindstrom

4 Time Dead Lift World Champion

Harry Lindstrom Client