I came to George after my high school football career ended to get “cut”. Instead I was talked into doing a bench press meet after G saw my ability in the bench. So my wife can thank George for addiction to the iron game. I walked in to BBG almost 12 years ago as a little over weight but pretty strong teenager. Now I can lay claim to 5 powerlifitng world championships, 6 National Championships (3 in row at very competitive open weight class), a couple World/National records and countless local/state meet titles. I have totaled elite (highest amateur ranking in powerlifting) in 4 weight class’s, totaled Pro at 242, been ranked in the top 10 of 3 different weight class’s for 6 straight years and even gained a sponsorship form a major supplement company. I have obtained a 955 squat, a 725 bench and a 725 deadlift all done on the platform and not gym lifts. I have moved on to open my own barbell club, become a meet promotor, powerlifting judge and state chairman. I was able to reach all these achievements with knowledge I learned at BBG and from George.

I had the great opportunity of not only being trained by a great lifter but training WITH a great lifter. Its one thing to be told what to do but when week in and week out you train along side one the best of all time the knowledge really sets in. Lots of folks reading this have been trained by George but there a few of us who can say we trained with George. I learned how to train both physically and mentally. I learned how to diet, how to cut weight, how to get strong, how to stay strong, to stay injury free, to stay consistent and how to mentally focus on the task ahead. I remember almost every Saturday at about 2pm POWER HOUR was over and there we were just me and G left in the gym. George told me on one hot sticky afternoon thats why “we” were/would be the best. Others had done the fun stuff , they had hit their big bench’s and hit the road but there we were still getting the work done. I learned thats were the real strength was earned, not from the fun stuff, not from the stuff everyone sees but from the stuff you do when no one else is around, the time when there is no glory to be seen is when the road to glory is paved. When you are 18, 20, 22 years old and you see an all time legend in the gym “doing work” when no one but me and him can see you figure out what it takes pretty quick. To this day, 10 years later, I still recall those conversations on Saturday afternoon when I am in the gym on my own early in the morning before anyone else or late at night after everyone else has left. I recall that this is how winning is done!

So everyone walking through the door at BBG these days take everything in because there are dozens of others like me who still recall the lessons and success’s we achieved while at BBG. And most of us continue to lean on what we learned form George to this day. George pays attention to all the details of preparation, performance and achievement. Remember he is not just talking about it, he has lived his method for 30 years. G is not some run of the mill personnel trainer with some book knowledge that any idiot can get. He has time under the bar and time in the real world working his craft. Like I said there are dozens of us out here still falling back form time to time on what we learned from George.

Matt Christie
SPF Ga State Chairman
Owner Khaos Barbell Club
3 time WABDL World Champion
2 time SPF World Champion
2 time WABDL National Champion
3 time SPF National Champion
1 time APC National Champion
APC 275 open bench world record holder
Elite in 4 weight class’s
Pro at 242
Top 10 rank powerlifter every year for 6 years in row in 3 different weight class’s
Life Time team BBG Member 😉