I will never forget the first day I met George Herring.  It was on May 19th, 2012 that I was sitting in the parking lot of Body by George as my family begged me to get out of the car and at least check the place out.  I knew I had to do something but I just did not want to make that first step! I was 42 years old and 269 pounds and getting bigger and less mobile.  After my little girl began to plead with me tearfully I finally decided to get out of the car.  I was greeted by George and his infectious personality.

The first thing I did was to tell George about all of my physical ailments.  I was thinking that he would just say you are not a good candidate for me to train and you might want to go on down the road.  I told him about my right knee having severe arthritis on the knee cap and about my large hernia located below my stomach and he said, “Ok, we can work around those problems.”  I was like screaming, “NOOOOO,” in my head.  I had no more excuses!!!!

The following week our entire family began working out at least 3 times a week with George.  My daughter, who is now 13, is very strong physically and mentally and has so much more self-esteem.  She says, “I feel like a Beast when I finish one of George’s workouts!”  My son, who is now 15, was only 13 when he began working out with George.  He was so excited when Coach Godfree of Loganville High School recognized him during the 2012 Summer Football Camp as “Most Promising Lineman”.  My son had been working out with George for only 2 months when he received his very first football award.  My husband joined the gym because he wanted to encourage me.  He subsequently lost 25 pounds and continues to help out the entire family by grilling all of our meats on the weekend so that we will have plenty of healthy food choices during our busy work/school week.

As of today I have lost 70 pounds!  I no longer walk with a limp as the weight loss has taken the pressure off of my back and knees.  I continue to work out with George 3 to 4 times a week and George continues to check my food log.  I still have struggles with food addictions and I don’t think I will every LOVE exercise but I have found a trainer who makes exercise enjoyable.  George is a part of our family and he cares for every person that comes into that gym.  Whatever health goal you may have and want to achieve George will help you achieve it if you are willing to make the effort.  I’m so glad I got out of that car and met George Herring.

Tammy Myers Client